Top Ten Tips For Negotiating a Job Offer

One aspect of meaningful work is being compensated adequately for the work that you do. It is important then to negotiate a good job offer. 

Several people have told me recently that they had job offers. I hope that means that the economy is improving. Some tell me they were willing to take less money then they were making before they got laid off.

If you are considering a lower paying offer, I’d like to make some recommendations. Before you jump at the offer ask for at least 24 hours to consider it. You will want to make sure that you get as good an offer as is possible. 
Here are some tips on how to look at and negotiate the offer. Be ready to underscore the reasons that you are the ideal person for the job as you suggest possible ways for them to enhance their offer.
1. When you receive a job offer even if you really want to say “Yes!” immediately, ask for time to study the offer. Jumping at the job offer may make you seem desperate and give the hiring manager second thoughts. If negotiation is one of the skills required for the job, hiring managers will expect to see you in action.
2. Obtain or review salary data from several sources so that you know the salary range of others doing similar jobs in your region.
3. Analyze the job offer. Compare it to your list of must haves, like to haves, and what can be given up. Be sure you understand all parts of the offer not just the salary. What are the benefits, bonus possibilities, and opportunities for training and/or other education?
4. Think about all the parts of the job offer that you like. The place to start in the negotiation process is by listing what you appreciate about the job offer.
5. Maintain a congenial atmosphere as you negotiate. The person you are negotiating with could end up being your boss. You want to create a win-win situation. Do not make demands or give ultimatums unless you are willing to walk away. (Winning an ultimatum may put you under a great deal of stress to perform at a high level.)
6 Ask any clarification questions that you have so that you thoroughly understand benefits, compensation, bonus plan, training etc.
7. Go over specific items which you wish to negotiate asking first if it is negotiable before giving your proposed requirements. Companies often have some flexibility on parts of the job offer and not on others.
8. Explore performance expectations and job description. There may be negotiation possibilities at different compensation levels and for different responsibilities.
9. Remember negotiation means compromise. It is not likely you’ll get everything you want. You will want to be sure you get most of your “must haves” Do not give up anything that is critical to you!
10. To ensure you have the best offer for you, contact potential employers where you have pending desirable opportunities to let them know you are about to accept an offer. If you have multiple offers you may be able to use the other offers’ good points to improve the offer of your preferred employer.

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Fashion Tips For Men

Mens fashion trends goes through various changes during fairly short periods of time, and if you’re a guy who cares about they way he looks you can get left behind if you’re not mindful. Mens shirts and pants for example, can be replaced rather quickly, and with the current trends leaning towards the simple side they still have style.

No matter what is going on in fashion, plaid seems to hold steady, and seems to be most relevant during autumn months. Plaid is casual, but with the common checkered patterns it’s hardly boring. When worn on an autumn day, a button-down, long-sleeved plaid shirt is quite trendy. Perfect to roll up the sleeves when its warm, and then replace as it cools off in the evening. Colors you can easily get away with are blues, grays, or beige.

Pants. Otherwise called slacks are an important part in mens attire are items men need to pay attention to. Current mens fashion trends show that pale and Khakis pants are hip. Applicable to year round fashion, they match most shirts that come their way. Gone are the days of storing whites after Labor Day for mens pants. Flat-front khakis are usually a better choice than pleated because the casual look is easier to modify to most looks.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of shirt and pants combination you wear, however, if you fail to wear the correct shoes then you’re likely to get critiqued in your fashion sense. Loafers are still popular footwear, but be careful to match them to the rest of your clothes. They look good while wearing casual shirts and flat front slacks. But with today’s mens fashion you can get away with wanting to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, which is why sporting a good pair of sneakers will be just fine with most outfits.

Loafers seem to have maintained a chic style lasting year round because they are easily adaptable to most wardrobes. Black leather styles do this especially well. And since there is no end to when they might go out of style you should be able to wear for several years down the road.

Mens fashion is alive and well making it relatively simple to be fashionable wearing casual sporty clothing and footwear. And with the state of the economy it couldn’t be more welcomed as its also in-expensive to get your desired look. So if you’re a guy looking to get in with latest trends it shouldn’t take much work and much money to accomplish your casual sporty look.

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Out of Control Teenagers

If you are looking for information on out of control teenagers then you have come to the right place. I had 2 teenagers (one of either sex) and they both were really angry as teens. I applied some proven timeless methods though and now they re wonderful adults that have been disciplined and than me till this day. Here are some of my top tips for out of control teenagers.

Step Into Their Shoes – I know this is over said but that is because it is so true. You have to imagine yourself looking out of their eyes. Remember when you were their age, what did you want? It is likely to be the same core thing that they want. Attention, appreciation etc. By stepping into their shoes you can give them what they want whilst also getting what you want.

An example would be you want them to start doing the dishes every day. They wont do that if you just ask because they are out of control. So what you do instead is you relate it to benefiting them somehow. Lets say they are into a certain rock bank (huge stereotype I know). You say “You know cleaning the dishes could help you establish some routine in your life. All successful people perform daily routines that make them successful. I bet that rock band you are always talking about play daily don’t they”. Relate everything to their benefits.

Consistent Discipline – When you say you will punish or reward them for a certain behaviour you have to be consistent with that. If you keep on saying “I will do this if you don’t do that” and do not follow through they will know your principles are weak and so will just ignore you.

Teenagers are going through a tough time in their lives with lots of change. If anything just show them appreciation and never criticize them.

I bet you’re searching the internet looking for the best methods tohandle your out of control teen for free and I totally understand that. I was in your position and all the information seemed too much and information conflicted and it was pretty annoying at the time.

Tips for Traveling with Children

Family vacations can be one of the finest ways to craft memories which will last your kids a lifetime. Except, regardless of how long you stay at your dream destination, when traveling with children the longest part of the trip can be your journey there or back. Long car rides or airplane trips can appear infinite for young kids waiting to get to their vacation goal. By remembering these family travel tips, grownups can make the travel time go quickly for their kids and even themselves.

For kids, leaving on a family vacation might be the best bit of their summer. Small wonder that they are excited but impatient when the minute at last arrives, and they are on their way to a theme park, beach, or other target.  It is a “known known” that children get keyed up about getting to their vacation spot, all the same, parents really can make the trip seem less lengthy by having an assortment of games and activities at hand for keeping the children busy and their minds off of the journey.  

For longer car road trips there are a lot of games that can make the time go by. Children characteristically get bored with playing the same games they play day after day, so try spicing things up by offering them games specially made for long car trips. One of the games involves finding the letters of the alphabet on road signs;maybe you know the one I mean.  For instance, if you pass by a sign that reads “Alvah’s Barbeque Cafe” the letters A, B, and C are found.  When you pass by the next sign, look for a D. If there are two kids in the backseat, it can become it a contest, by only letting them to use signs on their side of the road out the window. Another car game for long trips on interstate highways is the license plate game, where your children try to find cars with license plates from different states – see if they can find all fifty.  

Similar to car rides, keeping kids occupied on airplane trips is the key.  Activities on planes are a bit easier, given that the ride is generally smoother and kids have the use of the pop-down trays to use as a table top for activities such as drawing or coloring.

When traveling with children too young to keep entertained with toys, it can be tougher. Your best option is to keep them comfortable, making sure your baby does not take a nap right before the flight. This will raise the chance that he or she will sleep during the plane ride.  Small babies should be given bottles while the plane is taking off, as feeding them during take-off usually prevents your baby’s ears from popping, which will cause the baby discomfort and an uneasy feeling.

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Natural Remedies For Babies And Toddlers

I really like the nature of my work and the individual challenge that every baby presents to me. While common problems and problems seem consistently in general age/ developmental stages, I still study every baby in as a private and build sure that I’m dealing with a routine or strategy issue and not a health problem. Typically folks need me to unravel the sleeping issue when there is a genuine medical reason for the matter however a lot of usually the child presents with a history of ‘survival’ methods that mum and pop place in place and we tend to would like to figure on a new arrange that “offers mum and pa their life back”. Let’s look at some common issues and the way we can accommodate them.
Pain, Reflux, Colic, Bedwetting.
I’m usually referring the commonly unsettled, reflux, colicky babies, babies who protest at floor play, babies unable to carry their head up independently and older children who are bed-wetter’s to a paediatric chiropractor for spinal checks. Keep in mind that the spine channels the nerves around the body to the organs, thus it is smart that if the spine is out of alignment (from the birth method, a fall or physical trauma) that there may be a nerve being pinched that is causing pain or unwelcome sensations within the body (hence the reflux, colic, headache, sore neck, unstable bladder etc).
This cluster also respond well to homeopathic remedies like Brauer’s ‘colic relief’ and ‘stomach calm’.
Unexplained evening time alertness and food reactions.
Then there is the increasing number of children who are in an exceedingly fantastic, organized daily routine, eating and playing well, consistent parenting and communication however they are waking up in the middle of the night, wanting and acting like they have had twelve hours sleep! Or the children with eczema, skin rashes and alternative reactions after eating.
I refer all of these youngsters to an immunologist for allergy testing. While this could seem extreme or uncommon, with the changes to our food sources and also the colouring, preservatives and additives in our foods a ton of our youngsters don’t seem to be coping. Sadly the usual treatment for eczema could be a prescription cream and bucket masses of expensive lotions for during and once the bath. But doesn’t it create sense to seem for the supply of the eczema or the doable diet related night waking instead of expecting the kid to ‘grow out of it’ or mum and dad to travel insane and send the kid off to boarding school! Several children are reportedly reacting to the preservatives in the bread they are eating or the salicylates, amines and yeast etc even in the fruits, vegetables and salads they’re eating or not receiving the right amounts of vitamins or minerals in their diet. Yes they’re healthy foods!
Mums, if you are feeling that your body is not feeling ‘traditional’ or you believe that you’ll be longing early menopause due to your symptoms, have your hormone levels checked and do some research.
Anxious, stressed or emotional babies.
For the babies who are anxious and seem stressed or have unusual separation anxiety (remembering that children reflect the parent’s emotions) I refer mothers and babies to a Cranio-sacral therapist or a homeopath. Cranio-sacral therapy may be a mild light-touch therapy to align the malleable bones of the cranium (skull) with the rest of the spine down to the sacrum and pelvis. This therapy encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to enhance the operate of the central nervous system and deepen the sense of relaxation.
A homeopath offers Bach flower remedies to counteract your symptoms and help your health come to a state of balance. Looking at the reason for your ill health rather than just treating the symptoms.
Handy Natural ‘alternatives’ that I advocate
To stop a dry cough in babies and adults
For babies over 3 months Rub INFANT Vicks Vapour Rub generously on the soles of your babies feet and cowl with socks. For children over 2 years and adults rub the traditional Vicks Vapour Rub generously on the soles of your feet and cowl with socks. Reapply when you feel it’s worn off. Don’t know how it works but it does. (Keep in mind that some coughs are thanks to a runny nose running down the rear of the throat and this is often difficult to stop till the nose stops running).
Anxious, Unable to sleep, In pain, Injured??
Rescue Remedy may be a ‘Bach Flower’ homeopathic preparation widely used as a sprig or a dropper bottle and applied beneath the tongue or rubbed on the wrist. Use on any age. It works by instantly relaxing the nerves and calming the mind. No Maximum doses, use as needed. I keep a twig bottle in my medicine cupboard and in my handbag.
Want to keep mozquitoes away?
Listerine mouthwash! Purchase a twig bottle from the gardening section of your supermarket and pour in the Listerine straight, not diluted. Mozzies hate it apparently and it’s safe to spray everywhere.

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Forex Trading- Tips To Minimize Losses

Investing and trading in the Foreign Exchange or Forex market is the most popular way in market trading today. It gives you the opportunity to earn large financial profits while trading with different currencies in the market. There are a lot of people that have been able to become successful in trading in the Forex market. This is why a lot more are getting attracted and are investing in it.

The opportunity to gain profits while trading in the Forex market depends on how you trade in it. However, there is also a risk of losing a part of your investment or your whole account if you are not careful enough in your trade. Losing in the Forex market is not unusual and does not equate to failure. Everyone, even the most successful Forex trader experiences losses while trading despite being in on the latest forex trading tips. However, the most important thing is how you would deal with these loses. Successful traders have learned how to minimize the risk or their losses.

Here are some tips that may help you minimize your losses, especially if you are starting out in the Forex market. The first thing that you should do and prepare is to have a trading plan. Your trading plan should also cover circumstances where you might experience loss. Successful traders often have plans that guide them on what they may be able to do when they experience a loss. Losing trader on the other hand does not have one. That is why they would continue to lose their investments until their accounts can no longer support the loss.

For a beginner, it would be best to take advantage to different practice stimulations that are available. Most Forex brokers would allow their clients to practice over a simulation. Learn from these simulations and understand how the system works. This can allow you to formulate your own trading plan that can help you to develop the best forex trading system.

Rhab Hendrik is an author who shares his best forex trading articles with others. He can always be counted on to bring you the latest forex trading tips and detailed forex trading strategies.

Quick Slimming Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can be surprisingly easy if you do the right things! There are literally millions of men and women use every day for the best way to lose weight and I do not wonder why.When you are fit and healthy it is so much more fun.

I wanted to share with you 3 weight loss tips that you can use to sculpt your way to a dream body!

1. Six pack abs are in the kitchen

Many people trying to get in shape feel you need to do tons of cardio training and get to sit-ups to a flat stomach. They are wrong, the most important part of losing weight is your daily diet.

The best way to start is by all the rapid absorption of carbohydrates you daily meal plans. This means you say goodbye to things like muffins, sweets, white bread, white rice and pasta, etc. etc. instead of eating the whole grains, and meat, fish, chicken and vegetables, of course, have to do.

I know it’s not easy to do a big change just like that. For this reason, you should at least at the beginning, you can be a “cheat days”, for example, once a week. During one day you can eat all you want and it will not hurt your weight loss process. Although after a while when you see the development start of the new healthy body, you will probably do not want that “day light” no longer!

2. The exercise to Sculpt Your Body

Although the eat what you, the most important issue for you to lose weight and get the attractive body, does not mean you can see physically completely.

Do you know what is the biggest mistake among people who strongly believe that the perception of the best method of weight loss? They go so overboard with them. You walk five miles a day and then go to the gym to train for several hours, and they do this every day.

If your body is not used to hard stress, working too much is just simply make every effort to get the body fit to kill! What you want is a moderate amount of body weight exercises you can do at home, or some strength exercises in the gym.

It’s always good to change the amount of training. For example, you could do this week to four training sessions, then the next week is only 2 times and so on. Thus your body will keep growing and developing BIG means.

3. Drinking water

This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book of weight loss tips. However, there is a reason why it is the oldest, IT WORKS! I do not know what to drink in general, maybe some juice, soft drinks or milk. Whatever it is, you should drink most of your day to change water and it can get a lot for your efforts, the job you’ve always wanted to do.

As the last words I must say that I have many people who are struggling to lose weight and to me that it is very difficult to know that the best way to lose weight to find something that actually works. Therefore, I absolutely recommend this Weight Loss Program.

It is written by a man who knows everything about losing weight and fitness. He has helped thousands to get attractive body and I hope that you do not your chance to miss is at issue. I know many people who are so far only obesity, but are in good shape. I also know that if it could work for them so I know you can do the same!


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Face and Makeup Beauty Tips

Makeup has been around for centuries; even Cleopatra in ancient Egypt decorated her face. Women throughout history have regarded makeup as essential. Make up does not do magic, it only enhances the beauty that you already have.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a career woman, a teenager, or a doting grandmother, here are some makeup and beauty tips for you.

Exercise and Diet
Naturally, you need to take care of your body in order to have that healthy glowing skin. Exercise and proper diet is still required. The stress that your body feels can be very much reflected on your face, so make sure to de-stress yourself. Hydration is also important, drink more than the required 8 glasses of water a day.

Follow a skin care regimen. The simplest is the 3-step method: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Cleansing is the most fundamental step in facial care. It gets rid of the dirt your face has accumulated during the day and old makeup. Cleansers come in the form of creams or lotions. Get the one that is perfect for your skin type. Never use ordinary soap as a cleanser. It has ingredients that may be harsh on your skin.

After cleaning your face, use a toner. It gets rid of residual dirt from your make up and the environment. In addition, it can help hydrate, revitalize and balance the pH of your skin.

The final step is moisturizing. Moisturizers keep the skin from drying out by rehydrating it. Before buying these products, make sure to read the label and stay away from products with chemicals that may damage your skin.

Note: Since cleanliness is an integral part of skin care, make sure that your brushes and sponges are clean before you apply cosmetics to your face. Brushes and sponges can be cleaned with your regular shampoo. Also, do not use expired cosmetics – keep track of their expiration dates.

After you have completed these three steps, here are a few simple tricks to help you put on your make up and enhance the natural beauty within you.

Start by applying cosmetic foundation over your face.

Unless you are going to a party, bare minimum is the best. You can even get away with just applying mascara to make your eyes fuller. Nevertheless, if you insist on putting on an eye shadow, go with the browns. Make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed. It gives a more polished look. To help you camouflage those dark circles around the eyes, dab on a small amount of concealer makeup, but not too much to avoid that cakey look.

If you want a long wearing lip color, try this quick tip: Outline your lips with a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick. Next fill it up with your lipstick starting from the middle going out. The last touch would be the lipgloss. Just like the lipstick, apply it from the center and avoid putting it on the corners of your lip to avoid smudging. Now, you have that sexy pouty lip.

Adding a bit of cheek color/tint (stick blush) is the last and final step.

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Developing Daily Healthy Habits

There are many healthy habits you can cultivate in your life. Here are only a few of the things you can do.

Trying to be and stay healthy is a very worthwhile pursuit. This pursuit is like the elixir of life because it can help you live longer.

There are many habits that you can cultivate in your life to help yourself stay healthy. One of these healthy habits is eating a large breakfast.

Your breakfast should include about a half a cup of fruit. By eating a large breakfast you will fuel your body with energy for the day.

You will feel much better throughout the day if you have eaten breakfast. The nutrients you can receive from eating fruit will also help your body in many areas.

Many people choose sugary cereals as their primary breakfast staple. Unfortunately this is very unhealthy.

You should only eat whole grain cereals if possible. The best cereals have at least 3 grams of fiber, but no more than 10 grams of sugar in one serving.

It is always healthier to eat the sugar you add, rather than the sugar that is included in the cereal. Most of the time you will add much less sugar than is included, but it is best not eat sugar at all.

As you continue throughout the day you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This is most easily done if you carry a water bottle with you.

If you do not carry a water bottle it can be easy to forget to drink water when it available to you. It is also a very healthy habit to keep a food diary.

You may be surprised with how much you eat every day. Most Americans eat more than they should.

In fact studies have shown that over two thirds of Americans eat more than they should. In general, women should eat about 1600 calories while men should eat about 2200 calories.

However, if you exercise, which is also a very healthy habit, you should eat slight more than this. It is also important to realize that you can snack, but it is best to snack on fresh and dried fruits instead of candy or granola bars.

It is also important to eat fish at least once a week because of the nutrients that are found within the fish. The best kinds of fish for you are salmon, herring, or trout.

Nuts are also a great addition to your diet. Walnuts can increase your Omega-3 intake while sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts and so forth will increase your vitamin E intake.

When possible you should also lean away from red meat in favor of lean meat or poultry. Red meant should be eaten no more than once a week.

The list of healthy things you can do to your diet goes on and on. Many of these things can be looked up online.

In addition to eating healthily, exercise is also a very important habit to develop. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

As the very least you should go on a half an hour walk if nothing else. Even if you cannot walk for a half an hour in the morning, doing a few stretches or exercises can help you wake up and feel energized throughout the day.

You may also want to buy a pedometer. The pedometer will measure how far you go every day.

In order to stay healthy, you should take at least 10,000 steps every day. When you can, schedule your workouts ahead of time so that nothing gets in the way.

If you cannot workout for an entire half an hour, break it up and do three ten minute sessions or two fifteen minute sessions. Another thing that can encourage you to exercise is a dog.

A dog needs to take a walk every day. When you purchase the dog, you are making a commitment to take it on a walk every day.

As a result, you will force yourself to go on a walk every day. Once you get in the habit of going on a walk, you will miss it on days that you cannot go.

Walking with a weighted vest is a very good idea as well. This will make you stronger, burn more calories, and help you prevent bone loss.

Even if you cannot perform Yoga every day, Yoga can help you relax and let go of your stress if you even do it once a week. If this also becomes a healthy habit you will feel much better about yourself and about life.

Ronald Pedactor has worked in the exercise and health industry for 31 years. When searching for a good deal on exercise equipment he suggests getting someone knowledgeable to treadmill comparisons, and tell you their qualities.

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Teenagers Out of Control

If you have teenagers who are out of control, I know how it is and feel for you. For a while I had 2 unhappy teenagers who were constantly causing mayhem in the house. I put my foot down one day and decided “I have to do something about this before it gets worse” and learnt some timeless principles to help us get along really well and they thank me even now. Here are some of my tips for teenagers out of control.

Rewards and Punishments – You have to reward good behaviour. Most parents get half of this equation right. They punish their kids when they are naughty sometimes and sometimes they let them off. The key here is consistency. You cannot forget to reward them as well. Imagine if that was you, how unappreciated would you feel if you went out of your way for a family member and they ignored it. Not imagine if you was a teenager too. Not good. Another thing is to ask them what they would like to work towards. A goal set by them is much more motivating to them than one set by you.

Step Into Their Shoes – Can you remember what it was like being a teenager. Your life is hectic, your body is going through enormous change and your hormones are all over the place. It is the toughest stage of your life in my honest opinion. By getting into their shoes mentally you can see where they are coming from and what they really mean when they are out of control.

If they throw a tantrum it is because they are not feeling appreciated etc. They want love and respect and a feeling of independence. Give that to them in a way that you are comfortable with and you have them in the palm of your hand and you will get on beautifully in harmony.

“I bet you’re searching the internet looking for the best methods to handle your out of control teen for free and I totally understand that. I was in your position and all the information seemed too much and information conflicted and it was pretty annoying at the time.